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The Goodness Club
  posted by Ren, 6/28/2010
The is the story of a man named Laup. He had a strange name, no doubt, but it suited him quite well. For Laup was no ordinary man and his plan was no ordinary plan. Laup wished to create a club that he would call The Goodness Club. A place where people of high moral character could gather together to discuss the problems of the day, support each other, and do good deeds together. With a strong base, they could spread their message of morality across the world and make it a better place. It had all come to Laup in a dream. The dream was so vivid that it almost seemed real to him. He realized that building this club must be his mission in life, the reason he was put on this Earth, and nothing could stop him from succeeding. Unfortunately, not everything turned out quite as planned.
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