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LBJ's Racism Woes
  posted by Ren, 10/27/2010
With the NBA season starting up, I am again reminded of the marquee offseason move. Their super-hyped superstar, LeBron James, is moving to Miami to play with a couple other superstars. With this move came a ton of hoopla, and honestly a ton of hate. It's pretty rare to see so much vitriol for someone simply because he decided to change teams. So, the obvious conclusion that a lot of people came to is that it must be that insidious little word creeping up again. Racism.
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Going for Two
  posted by Ren, 9/13/2010
You're the head coach of a football team. Your team is down by 15 points and there isn't a ton of time left. Lightning strikes! Touchdown! Your team is now down only 9 points and you've still got an extra point to go. You only have enough time left for one more possession after you kickoff and successfully stop your opponent. Do you kick that extra point or do you go for two? Surprisingly, there is a clear answer and the way we come to that answer can help you in other facets of your life.
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Hurt by Pride, A Hockey Tale
  posted by Ren, 5/23/2010
Above all else, hockey players have a reputation for one thing: toughness. This reputation for toughness is something that hockey players take pride in. They have to. A hockey player can skate over 20mph and run head first into an opponent skating over 20mph with just a small amount of plastic and padding in between them. However, sometimes pride can get in the way. And in hockey, there's a really big place where players could help their teams and themselves if they would swallow a little pride.
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Landis - The Biggest Dope?
  posted by Ren, 5/21/2010
By now anyone who watches ESPN has seen that Floyd Landis has finally admitted to using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) after 4 years of vehement denial. He even solicited funds from the general public to help him file a lawsuit against the people who caught him. Reportedly, there are a few donors who made some quite large donations (people actually believed him?!?) and it wouldn't surprise me if Floyd gets sued over it. His credibility is shot, his career is in shambles, and even his personal life seems to be down the drain with a recent divorce. Yet, even still, he's not the biggest dope in this case.
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