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Nice Isn't Enough
  posted by Ren, 1/19/2011
Nice guys finish last. That's the saying, right? Sure, it's just a phrase and maybe it isn't as accurate as some people might have you believe; however, I've got to believe that there's some truth to it. I mean, what would be the alternative? Nice guys are trying to guilt more women into going out with them even though they already have women lining up? That wouldn't be very nice. Also, from my experience, I've seen nice guys who finish last, or to be more accurate, don't seem to finish at all. So it does seem like there is some truth to this statement. So why? Why would a woman choose the non-nice guys? The answer isn't as strange as you may believe.
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LBJ's Racism Woes
  posted by Ren, 10/27/2010
With the NBA season starting up, I am again reminded of the marquee offseason move. Their super-hyped superstar, LeBron James, is moving to Miami to play with a couple other superstars. With this move came a ton of hoopla, and honestly a ton of hate. It's pretty rare to see so much vitriol for someone simply because he decided to change teams. So, the obvious conclusion that a lot of people came to is that it must be that insidious little word creeping up again. Racism.
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So You Hate Socialism?
  posted by Ren, 10/11/2010
The fall of the Soviet Union 20 years ago marked the beginning of capitalist dominance. It was a convincing proof of concept. We saw the two most powerful nations in the world battle it out with economic, not military, power. We watched the socialist country collapse in on itself while the capitalist country became the sole superpower in the world. The free market reigned supreme over socialism and communism. Even the next biggest communist power (China) started to adopt many capitalist principles so that they could compete with the west. The concept of socialism could be declared unequivocally inferior except for one dirty little secret.
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Going for Two
  posted by Ren, 9/13/2010
You're the head coach of a football team. Your team is down by 15 points and there isn't a ton of time left. Lightning strikes! Touchdown! Your team is now down only 9 points and you've still got an extra point to go. You only have enough time left for one more possession after you kickoff and successfully stop your opponent. Do you kick that extra point or do you go for two? Surprisingly, there is a clear answer and the way we come to that answer can help you in other facets of your life.
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