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So You Hate Socialism?
  posted by Ren, 10/11/2010
The fall of the Soviet Union 20 years ago marked the beginning of capitalist dominance. It was a convincing proof of concept. We saw the two most powerful nations in the world battle it out with economic, not military, power. We watched the socialist country collapse in on itself while the capitalist country became the sole superpower in the world. The free market reigned supreme over socialism and communism. Even the next biggest communist power (China) started to adopt many capitalist principles so that they could compete with the west. The concept of socialism could be declared unequivocally inferior except for one dirty little secret.
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Mosque Under Fire
  posted by Ren, 8/31/2010
It's amazing how much uproar a building can create. Or how much uproar religion can create. Usually, it's over something stupid. A quiet neighborhood wants to retain their quietness, so the residents protest the mega-mall that's being built. Or a few fundamentalist whack jobs want to create a big stink over some narrow literalist view of their religious books. Same old crap, buildings get built and torn down and the normal worldview passes the fundamentalists by. The world changes and people are afraid of change, we get it. Nothing new here, move on. However, a recent one has me shaking my head in disgust. A mosque at ground zero?
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Gay Marriage
  posted by Ren, 8/11/2010
A couple years ago, the state of California put prop 8 on their ballot which would ban gay marriage in that state. The proposition passed with a 52% vote, quite a narrow margin. With the recent court ruling to overturn that law, it's got me thinking about how I feel about gay marriage. I am surprisingly neutral on the topic when you consider how opinionated I usually am and how much of a hot-button issue it is. I kind of wonder, what's the big deal? With 50% of first marriages ending in divorce (and only getting worse for 2nd or more marriages), marriage in this country is already such a meaningless joke. Why the big fight?
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Pundit to Politician
  posted by Ren, 5/24/2010
Why is it that there are so many opinions on TV with so many "great ideas" about how things should be or how they could fix things? And yet, why are there so few of those ideas actually being implemented by our lawmakers? Why is there such a disconnect between good ideas and our reality? A recent case highlights the problem.
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