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Strange, I'm Still Here
  posted by Ren, 5/24/2011
Unless you've been disconnected from the TV and the internet for the past couple weeks, I'm sure you've heard about the end of the world. You know, the one that was supposed to happen May 21st. Some kooky old man out in California has been declaring it for awhile now and he happens to be a very big person at some radio station. So the station put up all sorts of billboards and other advertisements for the end of the world because this old guy somehow interpreted the Bible to give an exact date of the Apocalypse. If you're like any sane person, you didn't believe this nut for a second, so who cares, right? Well, you should.
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Gamble Auctions
  posted by Ren, 12/1/2010
In my late-night TV watching, I've seen numerous commercials for a company called Beezid. The commercials tend to say something like, "stop everything! This person just bought some product at a 95% discount." It sounded too good to be true, so I looked into it myself today. What I found was quite interesting. The commercials aren't lying. Some people are getting amazing deals on expensive products. Unfortunately, there is a dark secret behind those great deals. What is that dark secret?
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Tolerance for Sleazy Sales
  posted by Ren, 6/14/2010
Recently, I've been strongly considering going to a new host for this website and a couple others. The reviews for the prospective host (Arvixe) are generally good. I've looked at a few sites that they host and the sites seem to load fast and operate well despite the shared nature of the hosting. Even the pricing is cheaper than what I've got now and I'm allowed "more" with them than with my current host. More bandwidth, more disk space, and even more domains. Sounds like a perfect fit, except for one thing: this new place uses sleazy sales practices.
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Hurt by Pride, A Hockey Tale
  posted by Ren, 5/23/2010
Above all else, hockey players have a reputation for one thing: toughness. This reputation for toughness is something that hockey players take pride in. They have to. A hockey player can skate over 20mph and run head first into an opponent skating over 20mph with just a small amount of plastic and padding in between them. However, sometimes pride can get in the way. And in hockey, there's a really big place where players could help their teams and themselves if they would swallow a little pride.
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